How infrared and fluorescence spectroscopy can shed new light on the characterization of bitumen and its ageing processes

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Thursday, October 27th


Stefan Werkovits

PhD student at the institute for Materials chemistry at TU Vienna, Austria

He completed his bachelor’s and Master’s degree in physical chemistry and his main research focus is the chemical characterization and ageing evaluation of bitumen using spectroscopic techniques

Kristina Hofer

Phd student at the Institute of Transportation at the TU Wien, Vienna since 2020

Her main focus is: Aging and chemical/mechanical analysis of bitumen. Master studies (2017-2020) in Technical Chemistry with a focus on high-performance materials. Bachelor studies (2014-2017) in Chemistry

Ayse Koyun; Austria

PhD in Physical Chemistry at Technical University of Vienna, PostDoc at Harvard University

PhD in Physical Chemistry in Group of Prof. Grothe at Technical University of Vienna

Dissertation award by Dr.Maria Schaumayer-Stiftung, Master Thesis award by Austrian Chemical Society and Marshall Plan Foundation Grant for research project at Harvard University

PostDoc at Harvard University in Group of Prof. Keutsch


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